Amy McCae

Business & Performance Coach


Amy McCae helps organizations and individuals overcome burnout and improve communication and resiliency through mindfulness and emotional intelligence for improved health, relationships, and success. 

Amy’s passion for helping and healing began in childhood where she dreamt of being a doctor.  When she was twenty she watched her mother die of cancer and her life then took an entirely different direction.  Amy spent the next decade ill with multiple chronic illnesses until finally finding healing through fitness, nutrition, and meditation.  The experience compelled her to share what she had learned in hopes of helping others. 

Since that time Amy has acquired over sixteen certifications, has blogs published around the globe, and has been featured on various radio shows as well interviewed for magazines. Reading through her testimonials you will feel the how much she cares about people and the impact working with her has on your life.  

Amy focuses on the neuroscience of the power of the mind for personal and professional development offering Mindfulness based Coaching, Corporate Training, and Holistic Wellness based sessions.