Chris Rangel

Business & Performance Coach


Chris has owned and operated his martial arts training center since 1992 after a very successful career competing for the famed All Armed Forces World Class Athletes Program and Team USA for Taekwondo. As a world class martial arts practitioner for 49 years and successful gym owner for 26 of those years, Chris is passionate about helping other gym owners go from plateau to exponential growth in order to focus on impacting, building and changing lives. Chris is also passionate about helping gym owners build to a level of success that would grant them a lifestyle of choice and design. 

With several UFC fighters choosing to train at his facility, an average retention rate of 12 years per client and a waiting list to come through the doors, Chris has developed an industry leading system for minimizing student turnover while maximizing profitability. He does this through strategic programming, carefully mapping out curriculum, and teaching and perfecting student enrollment and retention processes.

As a highly respected leader and innovator in the industry, Chris utilizes his excellent communication skills and The AIM Principle to help both his students and business coaching clients to AIM higher than they have ever thought possible and make their dreams a reality..  

He enjoys life to the fullest with his Wife Melinda, daughter and son in-law Jenna and Dr. Ben Koerner, and his son Jared.  He loves the Kaizen lifestyle.