Dave Goodall

Business, Energy, & Performance Coach


Educated in Electrical Engineering, Dave has always loved puzzles.  He spent over 20 years in the IT industry developing Tech teams for product support and change management integration.  Dave discovered that his passion was working with the startups and coaching through the chaos that comes from starting a brand-new business.  So, when Dave left the IT industry over three years ago, it was a natural transition for him into business coaching.  

Since he has been gifted with dyslexia, he learned at an early age how to visualize and simplify the process required to get the job done.  He uses these skills to help business owners prioritize their deliverables and streamline their operations.

Dave assisted several companies in stepping into the multi seven figures category of revenue.  By using his passion for the science behind emotional intelligence, he has helped hundreds of business owners and executives improve their emotional intelligence so that they can identify and enhance the five areas of focus (Economic Model, Organization Model, Budget Model, Accountability Model, and the Lead Generation Model)

 -Helping the American Entrepreneur achieve the American dream