Jake Dreyfuss

​Chief Strategy Officer


"It's not I'll believe it when I see it. It's I'll see it when I believe it!" - Wayne Dayer  

Since 2003 Jake has overseen over $1Billion in real estate transactions in DC, MD, VA & most recently in PA where he was CEO of The PhillyLiving Team at Keller Williams. In the past 5 years, Jake scaled the PhillyLiving business from $75 Million to almost $300 Million. In taking time to reflect upon what enabled the team to grow and thrive, Jake realized that the success of his business was directly related to the members' ability to share their own powerful stories that showed how dedicated they were to help their clients achieve their goals. This sent Jake on a mission to become an expert story-crafter, story-sharer and story-teller.

Jake is passionate about working with driven, vulnerable leaders who first seek to understand before wanting to be understood. During your sessions with Jake he will ensure that all of your business' current blind spots are identified and that you have a clear plan to achieve your goals!

Jake is a husband, father, son and brother! He currently resides outside Denver, CO with his beautiful wife and daughters. He wakes up at 4:29AM everyday so that he can spend time thinking and dreaming. He is co-founder of The 5AMERS Accountability & Achievement Group and the guy behind The Year of Yes Challenge! Outside of work, you will find Jake being trained by Roger at Lone Tree Crossfit and on his road bike exploring the Rocky Mountains.