Jenny Taylor

Business & Performance Coach


Jenny is a recovering Corporate Executive that was MASSIVELY changed by the world of entrepreneurship. She used to look at leadership through a shattered lens that was warped by corporate egos, pride, and a massive game of survival. She spent 20 years chasing the “dangling carrot” & each time she got it, another one appeared. Jenny was on a never ending hamster wheel with golden handcuffs. At the top of her corporate game, she realized she didn’t want anything that she had worked so hard to achieve. The lack of trust & collaboration; and glorified win/lose culture made her scratch her head & wonder if this was really how it had to be? Did her future really need to be in somebody else’s hands?

That’s when her journey as an entrepreneur began. In 2011, She was introduced to & became a top earner in a network marketing company that allowed her to leave her 20 year Corporate America gig in the Spring of 2013. Since then, She's found that we can be true to ourself & design an ideal life all while finding & giving grace. Jenny's life now is 100% different from the prior rat race days. She has total control & freedom. Now it's YOUR TURN! Jenny helps others define what true success is, develop an action plan to get there, and live their unique life to the absolute fullest.