Josh Perry

Brain Health & Performance Coach


Josh Perry is a former professional BMX athlete, motivational speaker, certified holistic health coach, and soon to be author who is fighting 4 brain tumors. His passion and motivation for living his best life stems from the discovery of a genetic predisposition to accumulating tumors - a realization that sparked his investigative journey into researching the health, performance, and longevity of the human brain. As a result, Josh follows a ketogenic diet - and since adopting this lifestyle paradigm, the growth of his tumors have ceased and he feels better and more fulfilled than ever before!

After a third brain tumor diagnosis in 2017, Josh stepped away from competition to fulfill his purpose in life to serve and support others. Josh then launched a health coaching business to inspire and help others to improve their brain health so they can transform into the most successful versions of themselves. Josh also teamed up with the Athlete Recovery Fund to raise awareness and funds for a nonprofit BMX/wellness event called the Brainy BMX Stunt Shows that focuses on raising direct funds for direct patient care through education, sport, and inspiration. Josh also has created a partnership with to fulfill his purpose of serving and supporting others even further.