Kristi Smith

Business & Performance Coach


As a professional coach, trainer, and consultant, Kristi has been helping business owners, executives and leaders achieve their dreams since 1999. She has doing this through various entrepreneurial endeavors (Accounting, Management Consulting, and Leadership Development) as a corporate Executive and in leadership positions within many organizations and non-profits. Kristi's experiences have given her an understanding to all aspects of birthing an idea to launching, growing/scaling, and transitioning from a old businesses to new businesses. As a life-long learner, she applies all her knowledge and experiences to focusing on how to live more holistically and in alignment with who we are, where we want to go, and what we want to accomplish.

Kristi is also an environmentalist at heart. Combine that with being a co-founder of Elkhart Green Drinks (a local chapter of an international environmental organization) and a certified Naturalist, and you will find that Kristi looks at everything through a sustainability lens. Her desire is for people to reach a more balanced lifestyle sooner along the path, and she knows that having a partner to walk with you makes a greater impact in your life. So let's define what your dreams truly are, put together a plan of achieving them, and enjoy the freedom of living your dream life.