Scott Proposki

Business & Performance Coach


Scott advanced his career as a photographer and has photographed world leaders and A-list celebrities around the globe. Scott has worked with prestigious clients such as National Geographic, HBO, Microsoft, the White House, and the New England Patriots, to name a few.

As an early adopter of event photography, he leveraged his entrepreneurial spark and is the founder of a few unique companies  and  growing them into successful ventures.  In 2019 Scott partnered with one of the most prominent investors that have increased the brand to hundreds of locations and thousands of photographers nationwide to generate millions in annual sales.


Scott is the author of  Camera FocusWhat Photography Taught Me About Business, Life, And Success”  At first glance, one might think this book is a book about photography. Dig a little deeper and see that Camera Focus is a business book for professionals and entrepreneurs who get bored by most business books. It’s a lifestyle guide for people who shy away from “self-help,” and a memoir for anyone tired of finding inspiration but little practical advice in the life stories of others.


As an adult diagnosed with ADHD, his mission is to inspire others who also have ADHD and empower them to reach their full potential. Camera Focus comes from a unique perspective, and I was inspired to write the book to help others understand the condition, using the metaphor I know best: photography.

I encourage you to reach out to me, so we can all learn more about helping people with ADHD by focusing on the one thing that will help turn someone’s life into a hyper-focus superpower—just like it did for me.

Find your focus!