Tim Douglas

Business & Performance Coach


Tim Douglas has an extreme passion to inspire, empower and motivate individuals to live out their highest true potential in their personal and professional lives.

Before pursuing his passion for coaching, Tim was a design engineer for several firms over the course of 21 years where he lent his leadership skills. In 2012, Tim transitioned to sales where for 4 years was successfully and consistently a top performer while earning a high level of respect and praise from management and his peers. During this time, Tim also formed and lead three successful business user groups. His work ethic and a strong drive for personal and professional development helped him become a leader not only in the companies he worked for but also in the industry. Throughout his career, he studied leadership and organizational culture to help build strong healthy workgroups and companies.

With these experiences in leadership and corporate culture, Tim set out to coach others by helping them become better leaders and staff members all while helping them achieve their goals in life and business.

Today, Tim inspires individuals and professionals through his speeches, coaching or live workshops to live an inspired life. If you find yourself or your business on autopilot and you have the ambition to see and do greater things, Tim believes you can and wants to help. With a strong focus on mindset, Tim inspires his clients to break-through limiting beliefs while empowering them with the habits needed to perform at their highest true potential